What Others Have Said About Janet . . .

  • "I had gone to four other therapists before being referred to Janet for individual therapy. Her style was very different than the others. She allowed me to work at my own pace and established an atmosphere of safety and trust. She knew when to push me and when to step back. Janet taught me to approach life as a strong survivor of abuse, not a victim. I am now a more independent, confident adult."

  • "It is difficult to express how much Janet has helped me in the several years we worked together. I started talking to her at a time when my life was filled with despair and anxiety. I felt lost and anxious about most aspects of my life. I wanted to find the root problems causing my anxiety and depression, rather than continue to mask them. However, I lacked the tools necessary to accomplish this on my own. Through her insight and guidance, she helped me see and believe in my true self. I now find myself enjoying life with a level of clarity, energy and confidence that I haven't felt for a long time. I will be forever grateful for Janet's guidance and impact on my life."

  • "I lived in another county. I was referred to Janet by my physician because social services had taken my two children and I was having anxiety. She informed me which attorney to speak with about my case and I got my children back the next day. I was very grateful for this help."

  • "I have seen Janet periodically over several years, more so lately. I have always found her to be very approachable and non-judgmental. That is why I continued to seek her help. Because of her approachable nature and non-judgmental attitude, I have been able to confide in her and receive her help to work through some issues that I would not likely have been able to do anywhere else. Although counseling is a process, not a fix, I have hope for continued progress towards internal peace."

  • "My experience of working with Janet and my spouse has been challenging. She keeps each person focused on themselves rather than allowing them to get stuck in the blame game. She helped each of us focus on ourselves and what we could do individually to improve our relationship. That was very helpful."

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