Professional Grief Counseling

Grief is an emotion that all persons will experience at some point in their life. The death of a spouse, child, parent, sibling, friend, pet or teacher can be a life changing event. When the death is sudden and unexpected, the grief appears to be more intense. Most people move through normal grief and learn to live without their loved one. If the death was expected due to a chronic illness, some people feel relief for the deceased one as well as for themselves.

At times, some people become overwhelmed with their grief and need help coping with the loss. This is when professional grief counseling can help. Janet NekooasL is a Licensed Professional Counselor servicing Gastonia, North Carolina and surrounding areas. She specializes in helping people cope with their losses through professional grief counseling services.

It is important to honor the lost loved one in a way that is meaningful and helps you resolve the loss. Adjusting to life without your significant other can be more than you believe you can bear. Some feelings that will arise are: anger, depression, anxiety, confusion, guilt, and longing. Please contact Janet NekooasL if you would like to learn more about her professional grief counseling services.

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