Natural Anxiety Help and Counseling

Everyone experiences anxiety at times. Anxiety can be a persistent feeling of worrying about things out of one's control. Some causes of anxiety are: past life experiences, medical conditions, and present traumas. Individuals create their own anxiety without recognition by the chronic negative, inaccurate thoughts they tell themselves.

A few natural cures for anxiety can include exercise and sunshine. Vitamin D and the B-complex vitamins are helpful in anxiety relief. Eating foods that have a low glycemic index helps to balance your hormones is also shown to help anxiety. However, when these natural relief options are not enough, you may need to seek professional anxiety counseling. Janet NekooasL is a Licensed Professional Counselor servicing Gastonia, North Carolina and surrounding areas. She specializes in helping people cope with stress and anxiety.

Oftentimes, people believe they need mind-numbing drugs to confront their anxiety and become dependent. Individuals are unaware they have the internal strength to stop their anxiety and panic attacks especially when they naturally change their thought patterns. Learning to manage your anxiety is beneficial to your overall health. A professional counselor can help you get to the root of your anxiety so that it does not overwhelm your life. If you have tried to overcome your anxiety in the past and feel you have been unsuccessful, understand you have the power within to decrease your anxiety. If you would like more help from a counselor to address your anxiety, please contact Janet NekooasL.

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